Weight Loss: The 80/20 Rule Helped Me Lose 22kg

Courtney Schweiger had a weight of 97 kg at her largest, with her problem being one of excessive eating.

“I struggled to devour my whole life,” says Schweiger in his blog.

“When I was strained or bothered, I eat more. When something happened, I craved sweets. These addictions, combined with the shame that I felt when I was “fat,” turned into long-term eating disorders,” she says.

So, she began to consider macros as a healthier way to lose weight, but eventually found it too restrictive and she began to win over macros for every meal.

“I lost weight, I felt great, but also noticed that tracking became an obsession. I got to the point that going out to eat immediately immediately flooded my mind with guilty thoughts before I even placed the order. Being in a position that distracted me from what was originally planned in My Fitness Fell, caused me anxiety. ”

“Although I felt pretty good physically, I did not balance this” good “feeling with my mental health. I got to the place where I was afraid of certain foods, and I was afraid to gain weight. I realized that I needed to find a balance. ”

“My restrictive diet, bulimia and binge had an extremely negative impact on my body. It ruined my metabolism. It spoiled my mental image of what was my body and how my body should be. This spoiled the joy of communicating with food and drink with friends. This destroyed family events related to food. This isolated me. ”

But then she heads the 80/20 rule.

This basically means that you keep 80 percent of your diet clean and nutritious (from whole foods based on complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and rich proteins), and 20% is “fun”, as Courteney calls.

“Sometimes my snacks look like apple slices and peanut butter, and in other cases I can have a snack of Halo Top ice cream or tortilla chips and guacamole,” she says Popsugar

She estimates the 80/20 approach “a bit of control over the portion, mixed with balance “, helping her to lose 22 kg and improve her emotional relationship with food.

She says that weight loss has been gradual. [19659003] “Two pounds quickly turn into 10, and then the next 10, and then suddenly you are 50 pounds down.”

Her new diet is supplemented by regular training sessions, including cardio sessions HIIT and strength training.

Now she shares weight loss and fitness ps and tricks on her Instagram and Facebook pages with a growing number of followers.

“I’m the biggest defender that no one should be afraid to eat,” she says.

“No one should feel so much guilt that they have to go through physical or mental pain and stress just because of one meal.”


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