Plastic Bottles Are Bad, Tap Water Is Way Better

Australia is considered to have the best water quality in the world, and yet we contribute to the staggering million plastic bottles that are used every minute around the world – most of which end in the ocean or on the landfill.

This is the problem we invented because of the excuse for inconvenience.

Now there is a push to return to the old ways and return to the “new idea” of using the crane, filling the reusable bottles in order to fight our waste release and dependence on plastics.

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The water problem was one of several problems that arose in the ABC questions and answers group on waste on Monday night and in social networks quickly reacted, urging back to the “old days”, when drinking directly from the hose was the norm.

Audience member Peter Hadfield from Sydney Water asked the group what was to happen to get people to fill their reusable water bottle with the H20 for

He said that bottled water can be 2000 times more expensive than tap water , so the problem of waste in Australia, caused by plastic bottles, seemed “completely unnecessary”.

The discussion participants quickly pointed out that bottled water does not exist in due time, but with everyone who is to blame for this habit, they said it’s difficult to point a finger at who is at fault or who needs to solve this issue.

“We can say that the government should ban it, and perhaps they should make it more difficult to make it more expensive,” said Ronnie Kahn, executive director of the charitable charitable organization OzHarvest.

“Each of us buys bottles of water.

“Therefore, I am always very careful pointing fingers at other people. Certainly the government could do more, but so could we all like consumers. We must take responsibility. We must take measures and bear responsibility for the results. ”

Joe Taranto, the director of the social enterprise, launched Good for the Hood, said that this is one of the simplest habits when you look at reducing the volume of your plastic

“We are so blessed in Australia that we have clean drinking water” , – she said.

“I sometimes think that people are afraid of what’s in the water.

“If you are afraid of being in the water, you can filter it. You can filter it, and you can drink it.

“There is fear, but I think it’s convenient.

“As we have said, most people in the community want to do something for the environment. What are the trump cards? Usually convenience. People go, “you know, if it’s uncomfortable, I’m just going to buy it.”

“It’s all as you like, you need to get used to taking a bottle with you.”

Master Tony Jones asked Mr. Headfield if the fact that people were buying too much bottled water suggested that they did not trust the water coming from their cranes.

Mr. Hadfield had a feeling – especially thanks to bottle-marketing – the quality in plastic bottles was better

The host of the war Craig Reussasel said that they checked the water in the second season of the series, which premiered on Tuesday evening .

“It’s amazing that the difference in water is not related to tap water,” he said.

“In Australia, we were incredibly lucky. Many plastic wastes come from countries where you do not have good tap water. And, obviously, people are forced to buy bottled water. “This is something that upsets me so much in Australia, because we have excellent tap water, and we are still doing it.”

“It’s not just about convenience, our fault, and you need advice, and advice is done. If I am a person who wears my water bottle, like me, there is access to water around the place and becomes more normal.

“Several years ago, Australia was not bad, but now it happens much more. Again, this is a change of habit. ”

Mr. Hadfield said that Sydney water works with 20 local authorities in the area and rolled out 170 new water replenishment stations to overcome this problem and justify the inconvenience.

With several other waste issues raised by the group, including food waste, processing, composting and packaging, the audience members stated that it is easy to feel depressed and how what you are doing does not matter.

“Each of us has the power to change the situation,” said Ms. Kahn.

“When you make your little bit, it all comes together. That’s really all you can do. ”


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